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Every day, all the same

Sep. 25th, 2006 | 01:15 pm
location: Dirty Jersey
mood: quixoticquixotic
music: The sounds of Mad TV.

I keep losing interest in these sites. I have no friends on lj or vox. Writting entries with no one to comment isn't that fun. I admit I don't write much, and when I do, it's not too interesting, but still...

In part my lack of updating is due to the fact that I'd rather not write something on here unless I have something to say. I never really do anything, so I'd rather not be boring and tell everyone "nothing new (again), chillin' out, listening to music, watching movies and working.". I'd rather make my life seem more exciting to everyone else than it really is.

Unfortunately a lack of inspiration and no life isn't very fun to write about... thus... I hardly update.

P.S. - What the hell does "Quixotic" mean. It looked like the right mood to be in, but I'm too lazy to look it up.

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Happy Conspiracy Day

Sep. 11th, 2006 | 01:46 pm
mood: boredbored
music: IRON MAIDEN!!

Meh. It's been a little while since I wrote in here. Whenever I have something like this, I get interested in it for a little while, and then never have anything to write for a while so I forget about it for a week or so. That's when I come back and write a huge entry of little meaning and even less content.

Sept. 11th happens to be on a Monday this year. Not that I have work today, but it's Monday. There's never anything to do. This is probably why Garfield hates Mondays too. Is it evil that I only care that it's Monday and not the Anniversary of our country's attack and subsequent downfall?

Meh. Whatever. I'm feeling pretty good. Patton Oswalt + Brian Posehn on Wed. Awesome.

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Jul. 23rd, 2006 | 01:08 pm
location: Lost in a sunday afternoon.
mood: relaxedrelaxed
music: Alice In Chains - Jar of Flies

Have you ever had one of those days off where you don't really feel like doing anything? Yet the whole day you need to occupy yourself with something. Today is one of those days. Sunday, bored, stoned and any movie I think I want to watch isn't what I want to watch. Every record I listen to isn't what I want to listen to. Any game isn't what I want to play.

Thus there's nothing to do except laundry. Maybe I'll go out and get some chinese for dinner, maybe another dime bag. Maybe head to tla and get a new movie. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.

I haven't talked to Elaine in like 3 days. It sucks. Being away from her is like missing my keys or a phone. Even just being able to talk to her is enough to temporarily render my keys "unmissing". As we would say: "vomit".

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Mt. Vernon

Jul. 4th, 2006 | 03:50 pm
location: The new apartment
mood: hungryhungry
music: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Freaky Styley

And so here I am. A temporary set-up for my computer until I get a desk.

The new apartment is coming together. I actually made my room fairly cozy. It's small, but I'm used to small rooms. I can make small spaces cozy and chill. The only things I need for maximum efficiency is a desk and some more shelves and like 2 more CD towers and my room should be awesome.

When the living room gets set up, Zsavier and I are going to have a little get-together... a house warming party. We also decided this is going to be the house of weed. I need to find a spot to grow in, sometime next week or so.

All in all, things are good.

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Cock a Doodle Doo

Jun. 27th, 2006 | 02:28 pm
location: My house
mood: Hot, sweaty and hungry
music: My own music.

There's a fucking rooster in my neighbor's back yard.

That's what that noise has been for the past few days.

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let me show you the world in my eyes

Jun. 25th, 2006 | 12:15 pm
location: Philly, PA
mood: lazylazy
music: Depeche Mode - Violator

I'm bored as shit. No clue what I'm actually going to write. I never do.
I should try and do something productive (like pack), but no, I'd rather play old school SIMS. Or watch some fucked up movie.

Between a severe lack of pot, a grey day, and pretty much no one in the house I'm just... blech.

After spending my morning unable to get more sleep I just kinda bummed around the house, listened to some tunes and tried to find some insignificant crap to do. To no avail. I looked around for my wah-wah and tremelo pedals for my guitar which I haven't been able to locate. God knows where they are. This house is just pretty much the crappiest place ever. I remember moving at the end of last summer thinking this place would be fun, until I got screwed with the smallest room in the house, unable to find employment, crappy roommates, douchebag roommates, and months of no gas and hot water. The only thing in this house that makes it home is the damn cat that I decided today is just going to move with me to my next place. No one else in the house will have a say in it.

Then again, there's just no one in the house in general. Sean is a silly bitch and his "girlfriend" is insane. I garantee Sean has my guitar pedals. After searching around for them for a bit, I went to his room to check and got back a few CDs that belonged to me and my 4 track and also found out that all his shit is gone. His bed is gone, his records and all his stereo stuff is gone. His amp and guitar is gone. All his clothes are somewhere else. The furball cat they keep in what I guess is Felchy's room is crying across the hall and I haven't seen either of them since friday morning......... Strange things are afoot with my crazy roommates.

Without a single clue as to what to write next, I'm starting to get bored with this. What a fantastic time waster. That is all.

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La de fuckin' da

Jun. 21st, 2006 | 06:30 pm
location: Vineland, NJ
mood: geeky
music: Watching the Simpsons

This fucking sucks.

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